Biferno is a new generation, Cross Platform Web Scripting Language that allows developers the rapid implementation of dynamic Web applications and of Web sites that offer a high degree of user interactivity.

Biferno is an Open Source Project distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, its current version is 1.6.0.

Biferno is a Web server add-on module that allows dynamic generation of HTML pages. The result of the processing of the Biferno code by the server determines the page content. A Biferno script is therefore a server-side script, i.e. the Web server is tasked with code processing.

Biferno is currently implemented as an interpreted language.

Biferno is also a "HTML-embedded" language. Scripts can be written in pure Biferno language, but can also contain HTML code segments between Biferno code blocks. The Biferno code is always delimited by special tags that allow separation from the rest of the code (HTML or whatever).