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Cecil is a pure object-oriented programming language. Cecil has many similarities to other object-oriented languages, most notably [[Objective-C]], [[Modula-3]], and [[Self]]. The main goals of the project were extensibility, orthogonality, efficiency, and ease-of-use.

The language supports multiple dispatch and multimethods, dynamic inheritance, and optional static type checking. Unlike most other OOP systems, Cecil allows subtyping and code inheritance to be used separately, allowing run-time or external extension of object classes or instances. Like [[Objective-C]], all object services in Cecil are invoked by message passing, and the language supports run-time class identification. These features allow Cecil to support dynamic, exploratory programming styles. Parameterized types and methods (generics, polymorphism), garbage collection, and delegation are also supported. Cecil also supports a module mechanism for isolating independent libraries or packages.

The [[Diesel]] language is the successor of Cecil.[[#Citation|[1]]]

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