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'''Cilk''' (pronounced ''silk'') is a general-purpose programming language designed for multithreaded [[wp:parallel computing|parallel computing]].

The Cilk language has been developed since 1994 at the [[wp:Massachusetts Institute of Technology|MIT Laboratory for Computer Science]]. It is based on [[:Category:C|ANSI C]], with the addition of a handful of Cilk-specific keywords. When the Cilk keywords are removed from Cilk source code, the result is a valid C program, called the ''serial elision'' (or ''C elision'') of the full Cilk program. Cilk is a faithful extension of C and the serial elision of any Cilk program is always a valid serial implementation in C of the semantics of the parallel Cilk program.

==See also== *[http://supertech.csail.mit.edu/cilk/ Cilk page at MIT] *[[wp:Cilk|Cilk on Wikipedia]]