Component Pascal

{{language|Component Pascal}}'''Component Pascal''' is a programming language in the tradition of Oberon and [[Oberon-2]], the last language Niklaus Wirth designed before he retired in 1999. It bears the name of the [[Pascal]] programming language but is incompatible with it. Instead, it is a minor variant and refinement of Oberon-2, designed and supported by a small ETH Z├╝rich spin-off company called Oberon microsystems. Their [[IDE]] is called BlackBox Component Builder. At the time the first version was released (1994) it presented a novel approach to graphical user interface ([[GUI]]) construction based on editable forms, where fields and command buttons are linked to exported variables and executable procedures. This approach bears some similarity to the code-behind way used in [[Microsoft]]'s [[.NET]] 3.0 to access code in XAML.


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