{{language|D |exec=machine |strength=strong |gc=yes |safety=both |express=explicit |compat=both |checking=both |parampass=both |site=http://dlang.org/ |LCT=yes}}{{codepad}} {{language programming paradigm|Imperative}} {{language programming paradigm|procedural}} {{language programming paradigm|object-oriented}} {{language programming paradigm|Functional}} {{language programming paradigm|generic}} '''D''' is an [[object-oriented]], [[imperative programming|imperative]], multi-[[:Category:Programming Paradigms|paradigm]] systems programming language designed by Walter Bright of Digital Mars. Although it originated as a re-engineering of [[C++]], and is thus predominantly influenced by that language, it is not a variant of C++. Rather, D redesigns some C++ features and is influenced by concepts from other programming languages such as [[Python]], [[Java]], [[C sharp|C#]] and [[Eiffel]].


  • [[wp:D (programming language)|Wikipedia:D (programming language)]]

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