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'''Delphi''' is a language for rapid development of Windows applications. The name also refers to the Delphi IDE, which is used to help edit and debug Delphi projects more efficiently. It is sold by [[wp:Embarcadero Technologies|Embarcadero Technologies]], as a standalone product or included in RAD Studio, which includes other languages as well.

Delphi is a "personality" for RAD Studio. It uses [[:Category:Object Pascal|Object Pascal]] as the programming language. Object Pascal is an enhancement of [[wp:Niklaus Wirth|Niklaus Wirth's]] language [[:Category:Pascal|Pascal]].

Delphi originated in 1995 at Borland, evolving from Turbo Pascal. It's original focus was database application development. It is currently owned by Embarcadero.

Among Delphi's strengths are its easy learning curve, consistent language architecture, a blazingly fast compiler, great execution speed, modern language constructs, its extensive Visual Component Library (VCL), and the associated visual form designer.

The Delphi XE2 version added support for 64-bit applications. It also added a cross platform compiler and component library allowing it to create cross platform applications for Mac OS X and iOS. The iOS support is actually achieved using the Free Pascal compiler.


  • Embarcadero, and Borland before it, experimented with using the "Delphi" name to brand tools based on other languages. Examples include Delphi for [[:Category:PHP|PHP]] which was renamed RAD PHP, and Delphi Prism, which was renamed Embarcadero Prism. The latter makes use of the [[wp:Oxygene (programming language)|Oxygene]] dialect of Pascal provided by RemObjects Software, to build cross platform .NET and Mono applications.
  • There is also Delphi/400 which is actually the main Embarcadero Delphi product repackaged with AS/400 and sold by SystemObjects.
  • [[DWScript]] is a Delphi-hosted script engine that implements most of the Delphi language, along with FreePascal/Oxygene extensions.

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