{{language|DUP |site=http://strlen.com/false-language}} '''DUP''' is a [[Forth]]-like esoteric programming language invented by Ian Osgood. DUP is a variant/enhancement of Wouter van Oortmerssen’s FALSE language.

Changes from FALSE include:

  • Change of operators: DIV (integer division) changed to Forth-like MOD/DIV, new OVER operator etc.

  • String output changed to string definition. Output has to be handled separately.

  • Return stack is fully accessible and can be manipulated.

  • Operator definition and override is possible. Access to full Unicode array of symbols for operator names.

  • [[eso:DUP|DUP on Esolangs]]

  • [http://www.quirkster.com/iano/js/dup.html| Osgood’s online Javascript DUP interpreter]

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