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Dyalect is a dynamic programming language for .NET Core platform. It is lightweight, fast and modern. Dyalect (or Dy for short) is written in C# and has zero dependencies except for standard .NET Core libraries, which means that it can seamlessly run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Moreover you can use the same binaries on any of these platforms!

Dy doesn't utilize DLR nor does it compile to IL (.NET assembly). Instead it runs on the top of its own high performance virtual machine. It compiles fast and can be used as an embeddable language or as a scripting language of your choice. It is also a good language to learn programming.

Dyalect offers modern syntax, inspired by such languages as C#, Swift, Go and Rust, first class functions, coroutines, expressive modules, a dynamic type system with an ability to extend existing types with new functions and much more.

The language is currently in an active development.

==See Also==

  • Dyalect at Github: [https://github.com/vorov2/dyalect]
  • Dyalect at Sourceforge: [https://sourceforge.net/projects/dyalect/]