{{language| |exec=machine |strength=strong |safety=safe |checking=both |gc=yes |LCT=yes |site=http://opendylan.org/}} {{language programming paradigm|functional}} {{language programming paradigm|procedural}} {{language programming paradigm|imperative}} {{Language programming paradigm|Object-oriented}} Dylan is an [[:Category:Programming paradigm/Imperative|imperative]], [[:Category:Programming paradigm/Functional|functional]] programming language highly inspired by various [[Lisp]]s. Although original prototypes kept Lisp's s-expr based syntax, modern Dylan is written in a somewhat [[Pascal]]/[[C]]-inspired syntax. It's object system is notable for being CLOS-style (oriented around generic methods) rather than [[Smalltalk]] message-passing style. It allows for a mix of static and dynamic typing. ==Citations==

  • [[wp:Dylan|Wikipedia:Dylan]]