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elastiC is a portable high-level object-oriented interpreted language with a [[C]]-like syntax. Its main characteristics are: *Open Source, freely available, even for commercial purposes. *Interpreted. *Portable [[bytecode]] compilation. *Familiar C-like syntax. *Dynamic typing. *Automatic real, very fast, Garbage Collection. *Object Oriented with meta-programming support (a la [[Smalltalk]]). *Functional programming support (Scheme like closures with lexical scoping, and eval-like functionality). *Hierarchical Namespaces. *Rich set of useful built-in types (dynamic arrays, dictionaries, symbols, ...). *Extensibile with C (you can add functions, types, classes, methods, packages, ...). *Embeddable in C. *Small footprint, making it ideal also in embedded systems.

elastiC has been strongly influenced by C, Smalltalk, [[Scheme]] and [[Python]] and tries to merge the best characteristics of all these languages, while still coherently maintaining its unique personality.