{{language |exec=interpreted |site= |gc=yes |parampass=copy-on-write |safety=safe |strength=weak |express=explicit |checking=both |tags=euphoria, Euphoria |altsite= |altexec=translated |alt2exec=bound |bnf= }} Euphoria is a powerful yet simple programming language, developed by Robert Craig at Rapid Deployment Software in 1993. It is very easy to use, and it has good support, which makes it an excellent language for novice programmers. Euphoria is an interpreted language, just like AWK or QBasic. Although Euphoria does not claim to be object-oriented, some disagree by stating that its scope rules and flexible data structures allow you to simulate any method of programming, including object-oriented. 'Euphoria is a small, fast, cheap programming language and a true gift to young programmers.', states Paul Smith in a August 1997 article in the Monitor.

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