{{language|Falcon exec=interpreted |site=http://www.falconpl.org/ }} Falcon is an [[open source]], simple, fast, and powerful programming language, easy to learn and to feel comfortable with, and a scripting engine ready to empower mission-critical multi-threaded applications.

Falcon provides six integrated [[programming paradigms]]: procedural, [[object-oriented]], prototype-oriented, functional, tabular, and message-oriented. And you don't have to master all of them; you just need to pick the ingredients you prefer, and let the code follow your inspiration.

Falcon was created by Giancarlo Niccolai in 2001. The initial version of the language was called Haste Advanced Simple Text Evaluator (HASTE) and was developed to address a number of technical issues he did not find easy solutions for in various other languages. On May 23, 2002 he changed the name into Falcon (named after Giovanni Falcone, the Italian judge killed by the Mafia) and took the language open source.

Key goals of the language:

  • Integration with the surrounding environment (libraries, servers, systems).
  • Abstraction of the underlying system / cross-platform / international development.
  • Text manipulation.
  • (non-statistical) data analysis.
  • System maintenance.
  • File dumping.
  • Embedding into application (for real-time data control/flexible manipulation).
  • Application of high level logic to computing problems. {{language programming paradigm|procedural}} {{language programming paradigm|object-oriented}} {{language programming paradigm|prototype-oriented}} {{language programming paradigm|functional}} {{language programming paradigm|tabular}} {{language programming paradigm|message-oriented}}

You can try it at [http://ideone.com/ Ideone].

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