{{language |site=http://www.fbsl.net/base/preview.html}} "FBSL" stands for “Freestyle BASIC Script Language”. FBSL is an embeddable, '''multi-syntax''', '''all-in-one''' high-level language. Its interpretative layer is a vastly extended superset of traditional BASIC that targets seamless integration of FBSL applications with Windows API and third-party dynamic link libraries. Its integrated Dynamic Assembler and Dynamic C JIT compiler layers enable the user to interleave BASIC code with Intel-style assembly and ANSI C, respectively. Like many modern scripting languages, it contains flavors of Visual BASIC, [[QBasic]], [[C]], [[Pascal]] and [[PHP]], hence the “Freestyle”. It is especially designed for 32-bit [[Win32]] platforms and can run on Windows 95 SR2 through Windows 8.1. It is also compatible with, and completely functional under, [[Linux]] Wine, Mac OS X Wine, and ReactOS.