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'''FUZE BASIC''' is included, pre-configured and ready-to-run on the FUZE, a computer based on the [[Raspberry Pi]], but can also be installed, [https://www.fuze.co.uk/getfuzebasic/ free of charge] on a standard [[Raspberry Pi]] with some minor limitations due to a lack of on-board sensors which are added to the FUZE hardware.

Quotes from the official website (https://www.fuze.co.uk/):

"FUZE BASIC [is a] highly advanced and modernised version of the programming language widely accepted as the easiest to learn and teach."

"The FUZE is a computing platform designed to encourage exploration and experimentation with basic electronics, communications and even robotics while at all times developing a core knowledge of computer programming. It is most of all, incredibly inspirational and for many, a life changing experience as students quickly realise technology is not an inaccessible over-complex mystical art but actually very reachable, very rewarding and downright good fun to boot!"

'''FUZE BASIC''' initially introduced to Rosetta Code on February 27, 2016 by [http://rosettacode.org/wiki/User:Sarossell Scott A. Rossell] FUZE BASIC and the FUZE logo are registered trademarks of FUZE Technologies Ltd. Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi logo are registered trademarks of The Raspberry Pi Foundation,