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Gnome Genie, programming language with close to python syntax. Genie is a dialect supported by the [[Vala]] compiler to ease application programming based on GOBject and GLib, usually for the GNOME desktop. Vala can be compared to C# syntax, Genie to Python.

Genie uses source code indent as part of control flow management, default is Tab. Use a top level directive of ''[indent=n]'' to set a preferred per level indentation spacing, if Tab is not your thing.

Both ''Vala'' and ''Genie'' dialects are supported by the ''valac'' compiler. ''valac'' translates the code to C on way to native binaries. Genie code, with the look and feel of a convenient scripting language, is compiled, and runs at speed.

The Genie language was designed by Jamie McCracken. First released in 2008, Genie is maintained as part of the [[Vala]] project.

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