{{Stub}} {{language |exec=bytecode |site= |tags=gentee, Gentee }} {{language programming paradigm|procedural}} The Gentee programming language can be classified as a [[:Category:Programming paradigm/Procedural|procedure-oriented]] language with some features typical of [[object-oriented]] programming. It has no complicated constructions and is easy to use, but at the same time it is a powerful tool for solving all kinds of tasks. The syntax of the language is based on the syntax of [[C]] and it has a lot in common with other C-like languages like [[C++]], [[Java]], [[C sharp|C#]]. Gentee has the same numeric types int, uint, byte, ubyte, long, double, float, ... and can perform the same operations with them +, ==, <, >, -, /, +=, ++, --, /=,... as in other similar programming languages. When you write programs, you can use all basic constructions that you come across in other languages. For instance, such as while, if, for, with, foreach, switch, include .