{{language}} Glagol (Russian Глагол, translated as "''verb''", or old Russian — as "''word''") is a programming language based on the Russian lexicon. It is strongly reminiscent of Oberon and Pascal. The complete distribution includes, along with the compiler, a set of mathematical and system libraries, games and applications with source code attached.

The language inherits the tradition of the Soviet school of programming and absorbed features from Oberon. Unfortunately, development tools for Glagol aren't too advanced at the moment. The terminology used in Glagol is a little different from that which is used to describe most programming languages. While it is closer to everyday Russian speech, it may confuse those who want to learn Glagol but who already know another programming language.

[http://www.seomastering.com/wiki/Glagol] includes a translation of the Russian terminology into English, which may help some users.