{{language |hopl=no |express=implicit |tags=gml}} {{wikipedia|Game Maker Language}} '''Game Maker Language (GML)''' is a scripting language developed for use with a computer game creation application called [[wp:Game Maker|Game Maker]]. It was originally created by [[wp:Mark Overmars|Mark Overmars]] to supplement the drag-and-drop action system used in Game Maker. However, in the latest versions, all the drag-and-drop actions translate to GML rather than being separate from it.

GML is heavily integrated with the Game Maker environment. Usually, elements such as sprites and sounds are all organized within the Game Maker [[IDE]] (though they can also be loaded from external files). Game Maker's architecture is designed to handle such things as event detection, level design, and object configuration without the need to code them manually, minimizing code verbosity with intuitive interface features.

A common misconception is that languages such as [[Pascal]] and [[C++]] can be directly used in GML. This is incorrect, and is a common mistake due to GML's ability to utilize Pascal and C++ style syntax (e.g. "&&" is interchangeable with "and").