{{Language |site=http://gosu-lang.org/ |checking=static}} {{Language programming paradigm|imperative}} {{Language programming paradigm|object-oriented}} '''Gosu''' is a statically-typed [[runs on vm::JVM]]-based general purpose programming language that is designed to be expressive, easy-to-read, and high performing. Gosu is uniquely both a high-functioning general purpose language as well as a powerful and concise scripting language. In addition Gosu's type system defines an open API for domain-specific types as opposed to grammar e.g., XSD/XML is type-safe and modeled directly from XML schema files, without intermediate code generation. Gosu began in 2002 from [http://guidewire.com/ Guidewire Software] as an internal language and was released in 2010 to the opensource world. Scott McKinney is the creator and principle developer of the language.

  • [https://gosu-lang.github.io/ Gosu Home Page]
  • [http://lazygosu.github.io/ LazyGosu - nice community tutorial]
  • [http://developers.slashdot.org/story/10/11/09/0510258/Gosu-Programming-Language-Released-To-Public Slashdot finds Gosu]