{{stub}}{{language|Graphical User Interface Support Script|exec=interpreted |site=http://markhobley.yi.org/gui/supportscript/ (This is offline at the moment).}}

== History ==

Graphical User Interface Support Script was originally called "Windows Support Script". On 16th January 2010, it was renamed to "Graphical User Interface Support Script" to reflect the fact that it can be used to describe the operation of graphical user interface systems other than Microsoft Windows. The project started in 1996 and its purpose was to provide a standard means of representing graphical user interface operations and interactions through written or spoken word. This would enable telephone support or written instructions to be given to end using coherent standardized language and terminology that could be understood by the end user.

== Interpreter ==

There is no official interpreter for Graphical User Interface Support Script. However, the specifications are public, so it is theoretically possible to implement an interpreter that handles the written form of the instructions. The language is still undergoing evolution at this time.