{{language |exec=bytecode |site=http://www.harbour-project.org/ |gc=yes |parampass=value,reference |strength=weak |checking=dynamic }}Harbour is a successor of the [[Clipper]], its modernized version. The development of [[Clipper]] was discontinued in 1997, it was DOS-only 16-bit system and did not meet the requirements of the time. So, in 1999 an international group of developers begin to work on a modern, open source, cross-platform [[Clipper]] clone. The founder of a Harbour project is Antonio Linares.

For now Harbour is much more than a Clipper clone. It is downward compatible with Clipper, but it introduces many language extensions and gives a lot of new possibilities. It is really a cross-platform environment, it runs under Windows, Linux, Mac OS, under various Unixes, mobile platforms, there are 16-, 32- and 64-bit versions.

[http://www.harbour-project.org/ Harbour project official site]

[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harbour_%28software%29 Harbour in WikiPedia]

[http://www.kresin.ru/en/harbour.html Harbour related stuff - beginners guide, libraries, tools, ...]