{{language}} [[ppr:HyperTalk|HyperTalk]] was the proprietary scripting language from Apple's [[ppr:HyperCard|HyperCard]]. This language is the ancestor of [[AppleScript]].

HyperCard and HyperTalk come from the era of the black-and-white Macintosh. HyperTalk scripts are plain text, but embedded inside some stack. A ''HyperCard stack'' is the user interface to a HyperTalk program. Each stack appears in a window and displays one card from the stack. A card might include text, images, hyperlinks to other cards, and interactive buttons. These stacks look obsolete because of the small size of each card, and the black and white graphics.

HyperCard only works with Mac OS Classic, and Apple stopped selling copies. HyperCard's surviving relatives include [http://www.supercard.us/hypercard/index.html SuperCard] and [http://www.runrev.com/developers/lessons-and-tutorials/moving-to-rev/hypercard/ LiveCode].