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'''Inform 7''' is a language for creating [[wp:interactive fiction|interactive fiction]], with a syntax similar to English. Although it has some [[object-oriented programming|object-oriented]] features, it is primarily [[rule-based programming|rule-based]]: most code takes the form of "rules", which are placed into rulebooks, which are invoked by the library in response to player commands and other events.

An Inform 7 program also contains a set of initially constructed objects, called the world model. These objects are organized into a hierarchy of classes (called "kinds"), although there is no method invocation; objects only contain data. The relations between objects are modeled at a high level: physical relationships such as containment (the water is in the glass) and supporting (the glass is on the table) are predefined, and new relationships such as desire (the troll wants the diamond) or lock-fitting (the bronze key fits the bronze lock) can be created.