{{language|LFE |site=http://lfe.github.io/ |exec=bytecode |strength=strong |safety=safe |express=implicit |checking=dynamic |gc=yes |LCT=yes}} {{language programming paradigm|functional}} {{language programming paradigm|concurrent}} {{language programming paradigm|distributed}} {{language programming paradigm|declarative}} {{language programming paradigm|imperative}} {{implementation|Lisp}} {{implementation|Erlang}}

LFE, or Lisp Flavored Erlang, is a programming language which runs on the Erlang VM. Like Erlang itself, it has many features more commonly associated with an [[OS|operating system]] than with a programming language: concurrent [[process|processes]], scheduling, [[garbage collection|memory management]], distribution, networking, etc. LFE provides developers the option of creating software that has the power of Erlang but with the syntax of a Lisp-2 language. Furthermore, LFE is 100% compatible/interoperable with Erlang Core.