{{language|Logo |strength=strong |safety=safe |express=implicit |compat=structural |checking=dynamic |gc=yes |LCT=yes}}'''Logo''' is a language invented by Seymour Papert in the 1960's designed expressly for teaching programming to children. It is well known for its built-in [[wp:turtle graphics|turtle graphics]]. Unlike other languages which attempt to fill the educational niche, like [[BASIC]], Logo has [[Lisp]]-like underpinnings, and can be used to teach structured, recursive, and functional programming.

==See Also== *[http://logo.twentygototen.org/ papert - a Logo interpreter written in JavaScript] *[http://www.calormen.com/Logo/ Another Logo interpreter written in JavaScript by Joshua Bell] *[http://lhogho.sourceforge.net/ Lhogho - a Logo compiler written in C by Pavel Boytchev]