The name of this language is '''μC++'''. It appears as '''ΜC++''' when the wiki capitalizes the page name. * '''μ''' U+03BC GREEK SMALL LETTER MU becomes '''Μ''' U+039C GREEK CAPITAL LETTER MU. * The Greek letters are not the same as '''µ''' U+00B5 MICRO SIGN and '''M''' U+004D LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M, though they may look similar.
{{language|μC++ |exec=machine |site=http://plg.uwaterloo.ca/~usystem/uC++.html |safety=both |gc=no |parampass=both |checking=both |express=explicit |strength=strong |compat=both |tags=cpp |LCT=no }} μC++, also called uC++, is a programming language, an extension of [[compatible with::derived from::C++]] designed for concurrent programming. Among other features, it adds coroutines, tasks, and monitors, and extends existing language constructs to integrate with them. Its compiler operates as a source-to-source translator targeting C++.

μC++ supports multi level loop exits, like [[Java]].

In μC++ both termination and resumption exception handling is supported, as well as the ability to raise exceptions among coroutines and tasks.

==See also== *[[wp:ΜC%2B%2B|Wikipedia : μC++]] *[http://www.drdobbs.com/cpp/184406431;jsessionid=0GFOGOA5REXLHQE1GHPSKHWATMY32JVN Examining uC++ at Dr. Dobbs]