{{language |tags=mirah |express=implicit |strength=strong |checking=static |site=http://www.mirah.org/}} Mirah is a new way of looking at [[runs on vm::JVM]] languages. In attempting to build a replacement for [[Java]], we have followed a few guiding principals:

  • No runtime library Mirah does not impose any jar files upon you. YOU decide what your application's dependencies should be.
  • Clean, simple syntax We have borrowed heavily from [[derived from::Ruby]], but added static typing and minor syntax changes to support the JVM's type system. The result is pleasing to the eye, but as powerful as Java.
  • [[Metaprogramming]] and macros Mirah supports various mechanisms for compile-time metaprogramming and macros. Much of the "open class" feel of dynamic languages is possible in Mirah.
  • No performance penalty Because Mirah directly targets the JVM's type system and JVM [[bytecode]], it performs exactly as well as Java.