{{language|Modula-3 |site= |exec=machine |safety=both |strength=strong |express=explicit |compat=structural |checking=static |parampass=both |gc=yes |tags=modula3 |LCT=yes}} '''Modula-3''' is a programming language created jointly at DEC and Olivetti by Luca Cardelli and others as an extension to Modula-2+, an extension of Niklaus Wirth's Modula-2 programming language.

Modula-3 is imperative, structured, modular, object oriented, generic, garbage collected, and type safe.

It contains a very nice threading syntax and implementation.

Its main implementation is [[Critical Mass Modula-3]].

Modula-3 influenced a few languages such as [[C Sharp|C#]], [[Java]], [[Ocaml]] and [[Python]].


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