{{language|Morfa |exec=machine |strength=strong |gc=yes |safety=both |express=both |compat=nominal |checking=both |parampass=both |site= |hopl=no |LCT=no}} {{language programming paradigm|Imperative}} {{language programming paradigm|procedural}} {{language programming paradigm|object-oriented}} {{language programming paradigm|Functional}} {{language programming paradigm|generic}} '''Morfa''' is a general purpose programming language which enables custom Domain Specific Language (DSL) creation. It aims at combining fast and robust development of large systems with high expressiveness and performance.

  • statically typed with type inference for variables
  • JIT compiled
  • user-defined operators
  • [[object-oriented]], [[functional programming|functional ]] and [[generic programming|generic]]

Morfa has been inspired by '''[[D]]''' and shares some of its features.