{{language|NewtonScript |strength=strong |checking=dynamic |parampass=both |gc=yes |LCT=no}} NewtonScript is a [[Self]]-influenced prototype-based programming language, originally written for the Apple Newton platforms by Walter Smith. It was designed to be as resourceful as possible through its prototyping interface, to accomodate the small memory of the original Newton MessagePad.

The language [[Io]] is partly influenced by NewtonScript's design, using a similar prototyping model as well as NewtonScript's differential inheritance.

==External links==

  • [http://www.newted.org/download/manuals/NewtonScriptProgramLanguage.pdf Language Guide]
  • [http://www.newted.org/download/manuals/NewtonProgrammerRef20.pdf Language Reference]
  • [http://communicrossings.com/html/newton/newtdev.htm IDE for Newton devices]
  • [http://gnue.github.io/NEWT0/ Multiplatform interpreter]