{{language|Objeck |exec=bytecode |site=http://www.objeck.org |gc=yes |parampass=value |safety=safe |checking=static |strength=strong |LCT=yes}} {{language programming paradigm|Object-oriented}}{{language programming paradigm|functional}}

'''Objeck ''' is an [[object-oriented]] computing language with [[functional programming|functional]] features. The language has ties with [[Java]] and [[Scheme]]. In this language all data types are treated as objects and functions are first-class.

The programming environment consists of an optimizing compiler, command-line debugger and virtual machine with associated [[Garbage collection|garbage collector]] and [[JIT]] compiler. The compiler emits binary [[bytecode]] that is executed by the runtime system. The runtime system has the ability to translate the bytecode into AMD64 or IA-32 machine code on the fly.

For more information check out the getting started [https://www.objeck.org/getting_started.html guide].