{{language |site= |exec=bytecode |strength=weak |express=implicit |checking=both |parampass=reference |gc=no |tags=perl |LCT=yes |bnf=}} {{language programming paradigm|Dynamic}} {{language programming paradigm|imperative}} {{language programming paradigm|procedural}} {{language programming paradigm|reflective}} {{language programming paradigm|functional}} {{language programming paradigm|object-oriented}} {{language programming paradigm|generic}} {{codepad}}'''Perl''' is both the name of a programming language and the name of the primary implementation of that language.

As a language, it takes the best from other programming languages such as [[derived from::BASIC]], [[derived from::Lisp]], [[derived from::C]] and the [[Unix]] tools [[derived from::sed]], [[derived from::AWK]] and [[derived from::UNIX Shell| the UNIX shell]]. It is particularly suited for Unix systems programming, [[:Category:Text processing|text processing]] and [[Data Munging|gluing heterogeneous programs together]]. Its interpreter is called perl. Perl has seen five major revisions, and [[Perl 6|a sixth]] is currently being worked on.

The implementation known as Perl is available on a wide variety of mostly UNIX-based operating systems.


  • [[wp:Perl|Wikipedia:Perl]]

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