{{language|PowerBASIC |strength=strong |safety=safe |checking=static |compat=nominative |parampass=both |exec=machine |site=http://www.powerbasic.com/}} {{implementation|BASIC}} '''PowerBASIC''' is a small family of compilers for [[DOS]] and [[Windows]] by PowerBASIC, Inc. Its main selling point is the efficiency of the compiler and its ease of use. (The "easy" part is debatable; working with windows is not as easy as [[Visual Basic]], but then, almost nothing is.) For a brief history of PowerBASIC, read [[wp:PowerBASIC|its Wikipedia entry]].

== Code example == Many of the [[BASIC]] examples listed on Rosetta Code will work unchanged in PowerBASIC -- especially the DOS version -- although there are often enough differences between PB and the various other BASICs (especially the Windows versions) to warrant PB-specific examples.