{{language}} ProDOS is an open-source command-based programming language created by Riley Houlahan. It is the first language of its kind to be created entirely in Windows 7 Batch (see [[:Category:Batch File|Batch File]]). It is currently in developmental form and is expected to be released in version 1.0 by early next year (2012).


ProDOS is a command-based language. This term refers to any form of language that uses built-in commands to function, instead of strings of keywords to function. For example:

printline Hello, World!

The command "printline" is used to display the line "Hello, World". For clarification, in Java the alternative would be:

public class HelloWorld
 public static void main(String[] args)
  System.out.println("Goodbye, World!");

As you can see, the difference is quite significant. The command "printline" is pre-defined, this means that the user does not have to define classes,etc.

Future Implementations

ProDOS has not yet reached a release stage, but due to it being only a few months left until it is able to be released, ProDOS 1 will be ready to be released for public distribution by early 2012.