{{language|RapidQ |site=http://rapidq.webcindario.com/index.html |strength=strong |safety=safe |checking=static |parampass=both |tags=rapidq |LCT=yes}}'''RapidQ''' (also known as Rapid-Q) is a proprietary freeware, cross-platform, semi-[[object-oriented language|object-oriented]] [[programming language]] similar to [[BASIC]]. It can create console, [[GUI]], and CGI applications. The [[IDE]] includes a drag-and-drop form designer, syntax highlighting and single button compilation.

== Rosetta Code examples == Most [[BASIC]] examples work with RapidQ directly or with small modifications. Therefore, RapidQ specific examples are only needed in cases where RapidQ differs from standard BASIC. This typically means file handling, graphics, GUI functions and [[object-oriented programming]]. ==Citations==

  • [[wp:RapidQ|Wikipedia's RapidQ entry]]
  • [http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/rapidq RapidQ Yahoo group] - The compiler and documentation can be downloaded from the files section.

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