{{language|Raven |site=http://aerosuidae.net/raven.html}} Raven is an eclectic language with features derived from [[derived from::Python]], [[derived from::Forth]], and [[derived from::Perl]]. It was developed independently by [[User:Mythago|Sean Pringle]]. Raven is available from [http://aerosuidae.net aerosuidae.net] under the GNU General Public License. It is currently only available for the [[runs on::Linux]] platform.

==Features== Its described feature set includes:

From Python

  • Whitespace indentation to define code blocks.
  • Some common function names.

From Forth

  • Postfix Notation and the Data Stack.
  • Dictionary of short atomic functions.

From Perl

  • Lists and Hash tables.
  • [[Regular_expression_matching|Regular Expressions]].

Other design goals

  • Use clear and concise syntax.
  • Be fast to write and fast to run.
  • Use [[closures]] as a simple object model.
  • Have minimal restrictions on variable and function names.
  • Rely on best practices guidelines rather than imposing rules for everything.
  • Interface to [[MySQL]] and SQLite.
  • Support multithreading.

Source: [http://aerosuidae.net/raven.html The Raven home page]

==Other Resources==

  • [http://aerosuidae.net/raven.html Raven Manual]