{{Language|REALbasic |strength=strong |safety=safe}} {{implementation|BASIC}}{{IDE}}{{Compiler}} {{language programming paradigm|Object-oriented}} '''REALbasic''' (or '''RB''') is a [[BASIC]] compiler for [[Windows]], [[Mac OS]], and [[Linux]], made by [ Xojo, Inc.] It has its own [[IDE]], and projects are saved to a proprietary binary format. Unlike most BASICs, REALbasic is heavily object-oriented.

As of June 2013, the language, IDE, and company have been re-branded as [[Xojo]].

REALbasic is not compatible with other BASICs, for the most part; examples from other BASICs usually have to be completely rewritten to work in RB.

[[wp:REALbasic|The Wikipedia article]] has lots of information about REALbasic's history, capabilities, and features.