{{wikipedia|Run BASIC}} {{language |hopl=no }} {{implementation|Liberty BASIC}} '''Run BASIC''' is a [[wp:web application|web application]] server, based on [[:Category:Liberty BASIC|Liberty BASIC]] (and made by the same company, Shoptalk Systems).

Run BASIC serves a similar purpose to other languages like [[:Category:ASP|ASP]], [[:Category:Perl|Perl]], and [[:Category:PHP|PHP]]; unlike those languages, however, it is not an add-on module to web servers, instead including its own HTTP server. Web pages are generated dynamically by the program. High-level commands automatically generate [[:Category:HTML|HTML]], colors, fonts, backgrounds, and [[wp:Cascading Style Sheets|Cascading Style Sheets]] (CSS). If needed, [[:Category:JavaScript|JavaScript]] can also be injected into a page. Graphics can be drawn and rendered via code. Files can be fetched from other web sites using GET and POST, and a built-in XML parser can be used to extract data.

Database capability is included via the [[:Category:SQLite|SQLite]] database engine.

==See also== *[ Run BASIC homepage] *[[wp:Run BASIC|Run BASIC on Wikipedia]] *[ The Run BASIC Hosting Service] -- "a reliable, hassle-free way to publish your Run BASIC web applications"

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