{{language|tbas |site=http://digilander.libero.it/tonibinhome/tbas/index.html |tags=qbasic |exec=interpreted}} '''tbas''' was announced on comp.lang.basic.misc in September 2017 and is a descendant of the author's '''decb''' interpreter. Many of the examples written for decb will work without modification in tbas.

tbas is a powerful console BASIC interpreter, with many statements and many functions, and with the most advanced features for console programming. It reads textual files written in BASIC language in any format - UNIX, DOS, Mac - and executes statements in order. Statements may be written in lower or upper or mixed case letters, since tbas is case insensitive. Line numbers are not necessary, and are required only as labels for the GOTO/GOSUB jumps. It is completed with the famous MAT statements and a large math functions and operators set.

This tbas is not related to the Tiny Basic for 8086 written by Michael Sullivan.