{{language|Tern |strength=strong |safety=safe |express=implicit |compat=nominative |checking=dynamic |gc=yes |site=http://tern-lang.org |LCT=yes}}{{language programming paradigm|Object-oriented}}[[runs on vm::java virtual machine| ]] '''Tern''' is an optionally typed object oriented language with first class functions and coroutines. It borrows concepts and constructs from many sources including [[Swift]], [[JavaScript]], [[Java]], and [[Scala]] amongst others. It is interpreted and has no intermediate representation, so there is no need to compile or build your application.

The interpreter has been built from the ground up, no tools or libraries have been used. As a result the project is small, fully self contained, and can be either embedded or run as a standalone application. Here you will get an overview on how the interpreter works and the language in addition to the debugger and development environment.

Useful Tern links:

  • [http://tern-lang.org Tern Homepage]
  • [https://github.com/tern-lang Tern Github Page]