{{language|Trith |exec=interpreted |site= |gc=yes |parampass=value |safety=safe |strength=strong |compat=duck |express=implicit |checking=dynamic |untyped=yes |tags=trith |LCT=yes}} {{language programming paradigm|Concatenative}} {{language programming paradigm|Functional}} {{language programming paradigm|Dynamic}} {{language programming paradigm|Reflective}} '''Trith''' is an experimental stack-based, [ concatenative] programming language by [[User:Arto Bendiken|Arto Bendiken]]. It is dynamically typed and has a homoiconic program representation. The implementation currently consists of a virtual machine, interpreter, and compiler toolchain written in [[Ruby]] and an in-the-works runtime targeting the [[runs on vm::Java Virtual Machine|JVM]].

Trith programs are simply nested lists of operators and operands, with the operators identified by URIs. This means that Trith code can be straightforwardly represented externally either as S-expressions or as [ Linked Data] in the form of [ RDF] triples.

Trith is inspired and influenced by the author's experience with [[Forth]], [[Lisp]] and [[Scheme]] in general, and the concatenative languages [[Joy]], [[XY]], [[Factor]] and [[Cat]] in particular.