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TUSCRIPT is the scripting language module of TUSTEP (acronym for ''TU''ebingen ''S''ystem of ''TE''xt processing ''P''rograms). TUSTEP "is a collection of relatively independent programs, each of which offers a well-defined subset of basic operations for processing textual data. It is the task of the user to combine these basic functions in order to arrive at the solution to a given problem" [http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/tustep_ox92.html] "Designed in cooperation with many humanities projects at the Computing Center of the University of Tübingen and first implemented more than 30 years ago, TUSTEP is constantly being improved and expanded (from 2003 with financial support by academic partner institutions) in order to facilitate solutions for new problems and to take advantage of new hardware and operating systems. It contains modules for all stages of scholarly text data processing, starting from data capture and including information retrieval, text collation, text analysis, sorting and ordering, rule-based text manipulation, and output in electronic or conventional form (including typesetting in professional quality)."[http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/tustep_eng.html]" TUSTEP is since June 2011 [http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/lizenz.php open source software] under the revised BSD license.

== External links == [http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/download.php Download]

[http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/tustep_eng.html TUSTEP-homepage]

[http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/pdf/handbuch.pdf TUSTEP: Handbuch und Referenz]

[http://www.itug.de/ International TUSTEP USER GROUP (ITUG)]

[http://www.tustep-tutorial.uzh.ch/ TUSTEP Tutorial]

[http://tustep.wikispaces.com/TUSTEP-Wiki TUSTEP Wiki]

== Citations ==

[http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/tustep_ox92.html Wilhelm Ott: Modularity, Professionality, Integration: A Conception Revisited. Paper prepared for the ALLC-ACH 92 Conference, Oxford, 6-9 April 1992; first published in: ALLC-ACH 92, Conference Abstracts and Programme, Oxford: Christ Church 1992, p. 197-199 ]

[http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/tustep_eng.html TUSTEP-homepage]