{{language |site= |exec=machine |gc=no |safety=safe |parampass=both |checking=static |compat=nominative |express=explicit |strength=strong |tags=vala |LCT=no }} '''Vala''' is a programming language created with the goal of bringing modern language features to [[C]], with no added runtime requirements and with little overhead, by targeting the GObject object system. It is being developed by Jürg Billeter and Raffaele Sandrini. The syntax borrows heavily from [[C#]]. Rather than being compiled directly to assembler or other intermediate representation, Vala is compiled to C source, which is then compiled with a platform's standard C compiler.

The '''valac''' compiler also supports a language dialect called [[Genie]], that more closely resembles [[Python]] syntax. '''Genie''' syntax requires indentation based code structure blocking. The '''Genie''' dialect is also compiled to C on way to native executable by '''valac'''.