Vedit macro language

{{language|Vedit macro language |exec=interpreted |site= |tags=vedit |LCT=no }} '''Vedit''' is a commercial text editor for [[Windows]] and MS-DOS operating systems.

Vedit was one of the first full screen editors in the market. It was first published in 1980 for CP/M operating system. Versions for CP/M-86, OS/2, Unix and QNX were later published, but those are not available any more. Vedit is fast and compact (it is mostly written in Assembly language). Its notable feature is the ability to edit any file, including EBCDIC, database and binary files and huge multi-gigabyte files.

Vedit has a [[C]]-like '''macro language'''. Unlike external scripting languages used by some editors, the macro language has full access to all functions and internals of the editor. Anything you can do with the editor can be done with macro language, too.

The keywords in Vedit macro language usually have both long and short form. For example the command Reg_Copy_Block can be shortened to RCB. For readability, long keywords are preferred in the Rosetta Code examples.

== Rosetta Code examples == Most examples are full "applications" ready to run in Vedit. To run an example, save the code in a file and run it with Misc ⇒ Load/Exec User macro. Or alternatively, copy it to text register 100 and run it with Misc ⇒ Execute macro.

Note that some examples output to current edit buffer, so you should not run the examples while you have an important documents open.


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