Visual Basic .NET

{{language|Visual Basic .NET |exec=bytecode |strength=strong |checking=static |parampass=both |site= |gc=yes |LCT=yes}}[[runs on vm::common language runtime| ]]{{language programming paradigm|Object-oriented}}{{collection|Visual Studio}} From the [ Visual Basic Developer Center] website: "With Visual Basic, you can create applications for Windows, the Web, mobile devices, and Office on the .NET Framework". Visual Basic .NET makes it easy to create [[Windows]] form applications quickly and efficiently. The language is [[object-oriented]] and has unique features to speed development and deployment.

Visual Basic .NET, like [[C sharp|C#]] and other .NET languages, runs on the Microsoft [[runs on vm::Common Language Runtime|Common Language Runtime]] VM.

Not to be confused with [[:Category:Visual Basic|Visual Basic]], the original pre-.NET, implementation, which has only a passing resemblance to VB.NET.

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