{{language|Wrapl |site=http://wrapl.sourceforge.net/ |exec=interpreted |parampass=reference |LCT=no }} Wrapl is a dynamic programming language designed for various programming tasks including rapid prototyping, scripts and [[GUI]] application development.

The key features in Wrapl include:

  • [[Object-oriented]]: Every value in Wrapl is an object with a type which is known at [[run time]]. The types form a hierarchy with [[multiple inheritance]].
  • Multiple-dispatch: Method dispatch in Wrapl depends on the types and values of all of their arguments.
  • Pass-by-reference: Wrapl allows variables to be passed by reference to other functions.
  • Functional [[closures]]: Functions in Wrapl are first-class objects which may passed to other functions or stored in variables. Functions can both read and write variables declared in surrounding scopes.
  • Goal-directed: Every expression in Wrapl can produce 0, 1, or more values. An expression which can produce more than 1 value may be resumed to produce its next value.