{{stub}}{{language|XBase |LCT=no }} {{Wikipedia}} XBase is the generic term for all programming languages that derive from the original dBASE (Ashton-Tate) programming language and database formats. These are sometimes informally known as dBASE "clones". While there was a non-commercial predecessor to the Ashton-Tate product (Vulcan written by Wayne Ratliff), most clones are based on Ashton-Tate's 1986 dBASE III+ release — scripts written in the dBASE III+ dialect are most likely to run on all the clones.

== Implementations ==

  • [http://www.vistasoftware.com/ Apollo database engine] for managing CA-Clipper and FoxPro from Vista Software
  • Clipper, Visual Objects (Windows 32) and Vulcan.NET from [http://www.grafxsoft.com/ GrafxSoft]
  • [http://dbase.com/ dBase Inc]'s dBASE
  • [http://www.dbfview.com/ DBFView], DBF editor/viewer/converter
  • FlagShip from [http://www.fship.com/ multisoft GmbH]
  • Recital from [http://www.recital.com/ Recital Corp.]
  • [http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-au/vfoxpro/default.aspx Visual FoxPro] is available from Microsoft
  • [http://www.govulcan.net/portal/ Vulcan.NET]
  • XBase++ from [http://www.alaska-software.com/products/xpp/xpp.shtm Alaska Software]
  • xHarbour Builder from [http://www.xharbour.com/ xHarbour.com Inc.]
  • [http://www.dbf2002.com/ DBF Viewer 2000]
  • DBF tools from [http://astersoft.com/ Astersoft Co. Ltd.]
  • [http://www.itk.ru/english/index.shtml CLIP]
  • the [http://www.harbour-project.org/ Harbour Project]
  • [http://www.xharbour.org/ xHarbour]
  • [http://www.xailer.com Xailer]