{{language|zkl |site=http://www.zenkinetic.com/zkl.html |exec=bytecode |gc=yes |strength=strong |safety=safe |checking=dynamic |express=implicit |parampass=reference |hopl=no |tags=zkl }} zkl is a general purpose object oriented programming language. It is imperative but borrows concepts from many programming paradigms, including functional and prototype based. It is curly-bracketed, dynamic, reflective, and threaded. It has built in garbage collection, strings, lists, dictionaries, threads, fibers (continuations and co-routines) and more. The syntax strongly resembles the C programming language while the data model is closer to that of Python and Smalltalk. The goals of the language are rapid prototyping and programmer productivity. Program speed and the the constraints of production oriented programming are not high on the "needs" list.

It is open source and free. Download, compile and play with it. The VM is written in C, it compiles with clang, GCC or VisualStudio (makefiles, project files included) on Linux/FreeBSD/MS Windows. Running it is old school: command line or REPL, no IDE or GUI. Will work with emacs or vi! I use c mode.

== External Links and References ==

Web Pages

  • [http://www.zenkinetic.com/zkl.html zkl home page]
  • [http://www.zenkinetic.com/zklDownloads.html zkl downloads page]


  • [http://www.zenkinetic.com/Documents/zklManual.pdf The zkl programming language and reference manual (PDF)]

==Todo== [[Reports:Tasks_not_implemented_in_Zkl]]