ZX Spectrum Basic

{{language|ZX Spectrum Basic |exec=interpreted |site=http://www.worldofspectrum.org/ZXBasicManual/}} {{implementation|BASIC}}'''ZX Spectrum Basic''' is the [[BASIC]] built into the ROM of the ZX Spectrum Computer.


  • Language is interpreted (but third party compiler is available).
  • Line numbers are required
  • Line numbers must be no longer than four digits
  • No [[named locations]]
  • Some [[Terminal Control]] capabilities
  • Supports [[colour]]
  • Support for direct display [[graphics]]
  • Support for sound via the [[speaker]]
  • No support for [[scope]]d variables
  • No support for [[structure]]d variables
  • No [[command line parameter]]s
  • No support for [[environment]]
  • Supports output tho the [[line printer]] via the [[lprint]] command
  • No direct support for error handling, but error handling can be achieved using assembly language by changing the [[error handler]] address
  • Support for streams when using [[Interface 1]], but no support for [[freefile]]
  • Can read keystrokes using INKEY$
  • No support for multiple line IF conditionals
  • No conditional compilation directives
  • no [[hashbang]] mechanism
  • Variables have to be defined before use
  • The GO TO command has a space in the middle
  • VAL function interprets expressions
  • INPUT function can interpret expressions (unless LINE INPUT is used)

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