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A '''barcode''' is an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached. For more information see [[wp:barcode|barcode]]

If possible provide a function(s) to get a Barcode, Writing functions can:

  • write Barcodes (in array map)
  • read Barcodes (from array map)

And basic output/input functions to check the results is available in the article ([[wp:Netpbm format|PPM format]])

  • write a ppm file Contain barcode data
  • read a ppm file to get a data of barcode

== Types of barcodes ==

Linear barcodes

  • [[Codabar]]
  • [[Two-out-of-five code]]
  • [[Interleaved 2 of 5 code]]
  • [[Code 11]]
  • [[Code 39]]
  • [[Code 93]]
  • [[Code 128]]
  • [[CPC Binary Barcode]]
  • [[DUN 14]]
  • [[EAN-2]]
  • [[EAN-5]]
  • [[EAN-8]]
  • [[EAN-13]]

=== Matrix (2D) barcodes ===

  • [[Aztec Code]]
  • [[Data Matrix]]
  • [[MaxiCode]]
  • [[QR code]]